Baptism in St Leonard's Church

At Baptism a person becomes a member of the Christian community, a follower of Jesus Christ. Indeed the word 'christening', with the word 'Christ' in it, is the popular name for the ceremony. Both adults and children are baptised at St Leonard's, but if the candidate is a baby or child, the parents and godparents make the promises on their behalf. The most important outward sign in the ceremony is the pouring of water, standing for cleansing and new life. Often the water is s cooped from the font with a shell and poured over the head of the one being baptised. For many centuries the shell has been the symbol of the pilgrim, one setting out on a journey. Baptism is the beginning of the Christian journey for the baby or adult. It is a time of celebration and joy for the candidate, the family and the people in the church who offer a warm welcome.

Times for Baptism

There are two Sundays each month set aside for Baptisms at St Leonard's Church.

  • On the first Sunday of each month at 12.00 noon when two families can be booked in.
  • On the third Sunday of the month at the 10.00am all-age New Horizons service. The congregation is able symbolically to witness and welcome the new Christian. At this service the baby or adult receives a candle, a sign of the light of Christ.

Arranging a Baptism

Come and see us any Monday evening from 6.00pm to 7.00pm in the church vestry. There is no need to make an appointment. One of the clergy will be very pleased to see you. They will take details and talk to you about the procedure and the commitment. With your permission they will try to visit you at home for a futher meeting and the chance to ask questions.

Candle-giving ceremony

Each person baptised is given a candle representing the light of Christ as a reminder of their baptism. This takes place at a New Horizons service where they and their family are welcomed into the community.

Receive the light of Christ; walk in this light all the days of your life.

Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father.