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Youth Cafe  St Leonard's and Kingswood Churches, Wollaton:

  • Timetable 7-9pm
  • Entry £1
  • Kingswood 8 Nov, 15 and 29 Dec
  • St Leonards Community Centre 12 Oct, 2, 23 November and 7 December
Contact Laura 07866 673 836 or David 07521 263 362

Hope Nottingham needs Mentors and drivers. Can you help? Details here.

No Harvest, No Home, No Hope?

"It is not possible to get across to you the reality of the problems in Iraq today"

These are the words of Canon Andrew White, Vicar of the only Anglican church  in Iraq - St George's Church, Baghdad. Andrew's organisation, the

Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME), works tirelessly to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of Christians and other minority groups in Iraw who have fled from Islamic State and are now struggling to survive as poverty-stricken refugees in their own country.

As we celebrate Harvest at St Leonard's, what better way of showing our gratitude to God for our many blessings than to give to people who have literally nothing and who have lost hope, believing they will never be able to return to their homes. Our Harvest Appeal gifts will enable FRRME to provide food, medical care, wheel chairs, baby cots and much more to people in Iraq in who are in unimaginable need.